The Goode Ship Luxan

The Chaos That Is

Character Creation

Character creation is fun but it can be very stressful. As a GM it is my job to tell the players about the setting with out giving away too much of the campaign details or breaking the game. I allowed my players to control most of the crunchy and fluffy details of their character. The campaign hook for each PC is very important and different for each person as it sets the tone for the entire campaign.
The campaign starts after the PCs recruitment in to Department 7. This is different for each PC and will be logged at a later time. D7 has issued them some standard gear and allowed them to bring one personal item with them. This item could be anything they think might help them in their new life as a D7 employee or had other sentimental value.
The PC come from a wide range of backgrounds, the most any one knows is that life with D7 wont be easy.
Our story will begin a few days after their recruitment when the PCs receive a message informing them that they are to report to Docking Bay 94 at the Terra Firma central station where they are to meet the launch that will take them to The Goode Ship Luxan.


RudyUhlman RudyUhlman

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