The Goode Ship Luxan

Prelude to C1E1: The Beginning

Away we go.

After what seems like waiting a very long time a very stern looking women calls you in to her office “My name is Ms. Jones, the committee has reached a decision…” she pauses, “You are in. You will receive your orders in about a weeks’ time; Try and stay out of trouble.” She leads you to a door marked processing. While in processing you receive a complete physical, inoculations, some gear. After processing you go through a door marked orientation. In orientation you learn that D7 has the task of investigating unusual occurrences throughout the Terra System Colonies. You will be a member of one such team. After you orientation you head to the apartment provided to you by D7. Though small, the apartment would be considered luxurious by even the most discerning taste and decorated in a style you find most pleasing. After a few days of waiting you finally get a message telling you to report immediately to report to Docking Bay 94 at the Terra Firma central station where you will meet the launch that will take you to The Goode Ship Luxan.


RudyUhlman RudyUhlman

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