Joseph "The Laser" Rasputin

A Former Professional Speedball Player


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 225lbs
Age: 25
Level: 4
Class: Strong (3), Charismatic (1)
Occupation: Athlete
STR 20(5); DEX 14(2); CON 14(2); INT 12(1); WIS 10(0); CHA 18(4)
HP: 29
Action Points: 24
Saves: Fort (5=(2+1)+2+0), Reflex (3=(1+1)+2+0) Will(1=(1+0)+0+0)
Defense: 19=10+(2+0)+5+2+0+0
Base Attack: Melee (8=(3+0)+5+0+0), Ranged (5=(3+0)+2+0+0)
Feats: Defensive Martial Arts, Combat Throw, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Combat Martial Arts, Brawl, Heroic Surge
Trained Skills: Climb(8=2+5+1), Handle Animal(6=1+4+1), Intimidate(11=7+4+0), Jump(13=7+5+1), Knowledge(Current Events(2=0+1+1), Tactics(9=7+1+1)), Preform(Oratory (5=1+4+0)), Profession(4=3+0+1), Repair(3=2+1+0), Swim(6=0+5+1), Tumble(3=1+2+0)
Talents/Special Abilities: Extreme Effort, Improved Extreme Effort, Coordinate
Reputation: 10
Wealth Bonus: 10
Allegiances: D7; GSL; PAL
Special Items: Pro-Speedball Pads, standard gear


A loony, formerly dirty Pro Speedball Player who in order to pay off some “Legitimate Businessmen“ (who he owed a couple million credits to in gambling debts) and despite being a household name has joined Department 7.
He wants to; become something more than a Pro Speedball Player, achieve heroism, and overcome the mistake that led to the kidnapping of his (now) ex-girlfriend, Layla Clapton. He believes in playing to win and can’t stand people who bully others. People know him as excellent Center and expect that he will return to Speedball one day- he can’t, not after throwing games at the behest of the men who had Layla.
He wants to re-earn love of Layla and see Boss Ivanov and his organization get their just desserts for kidnapping Layla and trying to manipulate him.

Journal Entry 1

I’m not sure I belong here. Yeah, I’m angry, but I’m also stuck between a bulkhead and knife on this one. Better to keep my mouth shut and try not to get in the way until I find some useful to do.

Joseph "The Laser" Rasputin

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