Timothy Wesson

A Young Weapons Researcher


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 153
Age: 23
Level: 2
Class: Strong (1), Smart (1)
Occupation: Academic
STR 13(1); DEX 18(4); CON 15(2); INT 18(4); WIS 17(3); CHA 15(2)
HP: 16
Action Points: 11
Saves: Fort (3=(1+0)+2+0); Reflex (5=(0+1)+4+0); Will(3=(0+0)+3+0)
Defense: 18 =10+(1+0)+3+4+0+0
Base Attack: Melee (2=(1+0)+1+0+0), Ranged (5=(1+0)+4+0+0)
Feats: Builder(x2), Personal Firearms Proficiency, Simple Weapons Proficiency,
Trained Skills: Climb (5=4+1+0), Craft (Electronic (9=3+4+2), Mechanical (10=3+4+3), Structural (8=4+4+0)), Jump (5=4+1+0), Knowledge(Current Events (8=4+4+0), Tactics (8=4+4+0), Technology (6=1+4+1)), Listen (5=2+3+0), Read/Write Language(German), Repair (8=4+4+0), Research (7=1+4+2), Search (5=1+4+0), Speak Language(German), Swim (5=4+1+0),
Talents/Special Abilities: Extreme Effort, Savant (Research)
Reputation: 4
Wealth Bonus: 8
Allegiances: D7; GSL;
Special Items: standard gear, Threat Analyzer


Timothy Wesson, a young weapon researcher at Eagle Research, LLC He was offed a position in D7 to help them find better weapons to help them combat the challenges they routinely face. Although he is interested in weapons and their design he is not a violent man and prefers when killing is done theoretically or by other people.

Timothy Wesson

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