The Goode Ship Luxan (TDLS-BFX8055)

The Ship


The Luxan is one of the most advanced ships in the TSC.
Type: Medium-weight
Subtype: Bulk freighter
Size: Colossal (–8 size)
Length: 600 feet
Weight: 32,000 tons
Tactical Speed: 2,500 ft. (5 sq.)
Crew: 7 (Ace +6)
Passenger Capacity: 30
Cargo Capacity: 15,000 tons
Hit Dice: 125d20 (3000hp)
Defense: 10
Flat-footed Defense: 8
Autopilot Defense: 10
Targeting System Bonus: +8
Hardness: 40 (20 Ballistic)
Initiative Modifier: +4
Pilot’s Class Bonus: +5
Grapple Modifier: +16
Pilot’s Dex Modifier: +4
Gunner’s Attack Bonus: +6
Attack: 8 fire linked Plasma cannon +3 ranged 56d8)
Attack of Opportunity: Point-defense system +3 ranged (3d12×10)
Engines: Gravitic Redirector, MKII Star drive, Thrusters
Armor: Deflective
Defense Systems: Improved Autopilot System, Advanced Damage Control(6d10), Point-Defense System, Radiation Shielding, Sensor Jammer, Particle Field, Medium Fortification, Nanite Repair Array
Sensors: Class VII Sensor Array, Improved Targeting System, Achilles Targeting Software
Communications: Mass transceiver, Radio Transceiver, Internal Comms
Weapons: 4 fire-linked heavy lasers (range incr. 4,000 ft.)
Grappling Systems: Tractor Beam Emitter


The Goode Ship Luxan (TDLS-BFX8055)

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