The Goode Ship Luxan

Chapter 1 Episode 1: The Beginning
A Fine Start

Date: 2414-142 (22 May 2414)
The episode stats as 3 of our heroes make their way to docking bay 94 where they meet a lall lanky man by the name of LT. Nils Zuiner. He ferries the heroes to the The Luxan. Upon arriving they meet LT. CMDR. Cleat “The First” Strausbaugh who orders them, rather rudely, to stand ready for inspection. Only the The Laser is not intimidated by The First and says something rude to about the ship. Nils and The First both hear him says this and are ready to show him what for when he makes a rather convincing speech to them about team work. The heroes are lead up to the briefing room by the Stuttering Crewman Perkins, who seems to be the only non-commissioned officer currently on board the ship. During the briefing by A.T.T.I.C. they meet CMDR. Alexandra “Alex” Connolly. After the briefing they go explore the ship. Wanting to know more about the crew Timothy Wesson & Michael Armstong go through the personnel records. While all the crew members have had distinguished careers he discovers that the Captain and the Chief Engineer have a sealed D7 record event about 15 years ago shortly after which the Captain received a Medal of Heroism. The records also show that the Chief Engineer is only 20 years old and has been in that position for the last 14 years. Timothy Wesson finds this odd and is hoping to find out more.

The Ship is currently waiting for a few more crew-members to report before heading off to The Zero for advanced combat training.

Prelude to C1E1: The Beginning
Away we go.

After what seems like waiting a very long time a very stern looking women calls you in to her office “My name is Ms. Jones, the committee has reached a decision…” she pauses, “You are in. You will receive your orders in about a weeks’ time; Try and stay out of trouble.” She leads you to a door marked processing. While in processing you receive a complete physical, inoculations, some gear. After processing you go through a door marked orientation. In orientation you learn that D7 has the task of investigating unusual occurrences throughout the Terra System Colonies. You will be a member of one such team. After you orientation you head to the apartment provided to you by D7. Though small, the apartment would be considered luxurious by even the most discerning taste and decorated in a style you find most pleasing. After a few days of waiting you finally get a message telling you to report immediately to report to Docking Bay 94 at the Terra Firma central station where you will meet the launch that will take you to The Goode Ship Luxan.

The Chaos That Is
Character Creation

Character creation is fun but it can be very stressful. As a GM it is my job to tell the players about the setting with out giving away too much of the campaign details or breaking the game. I allowed my players to control most of the crunchy and fluffy details of their character. The campaign hook for each PC is very important and different for each person as it sets the tone for the entire campaign.
The campaign starts after the PCs recruitment in to Department 7. This is different for each PC and will be logged at a later time. D7 has issued them some standard gear and allowed them to bring one personal item with them. This item could be anything they think might help them in their new life as a D7 employee or had other sentimental value.
The PC come from a wide range of backgrounds, the most any one knows is that life with D7 wont be easy.
Our story will begin a few days after their recruitment when the PCs receive a message informing them that they are to report to Docking Bay 94 at the Terra Firma central station where they are to meet the launch that will take them to The Goode Ship Luxan.


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