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  • TSC Orbital Colony One (OC1)

    _An [[Space Stations |Orbital Colony]] in the [[Terra System Colonies]]_ It is Located in the [[Terra Prime]] system and is a voting member of the [[Terra Council]]. The [[Terra Commerce Guild]] is headquarted here.

  • Terra Commerce Guild

    The TCG is an [[Organizations |organization]] that regulates all commerce in the [[Terra System Colonies]]. They Report to the [[Terra Council]]. [[TSC Orbital Colony One (OC1)|TSC-OC1]] is home to the main branch of the TCG. The current commissioner of …

  • Centralia Mining Corp

    The CMC is the largest mining corporation in the [[Terra System Colonies]]. The Corp. Currently has the maximum amount of three voting colonies for corporation run colonies. Their largest colony is located on [[Centralia (Cent2-2)]]; the other two are …

  • Speedball

    The Premier sport in the [[Terra System Colonies]] it is regulated by the [[Professional Athletics League]] This information on "Speedball":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speedball_(sport) is as close as we can get to the game played in the TSC.

  • Joseph "The Laser" Rasputin

    A loony, formerly dirty Pro [[Speedball]] Player who in order to pay off some “Legitimate Businessmen“ (who he owed a couple million credits to in gambling debts) and despite being a household name has joined [[Department 7]]. He wants to; become …

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