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  • The setting takes place in a mostly PL7 world.


  • The basic form of government for the Terra System Colonies is a Democratic Confederation.
  • A planet can only have up to 50 voting colonies.
  • Each planet has a voice on the Terra Council as long there are 100 people living on the planet.
  • Planets do not get a vote on the Terra Council.
  • A Planet Rep is elected by popular vote by the citizens of the planet.
  • Each colony is an independent state.
  • A Colony must have more than 50 citizens to apply for colonial status and once approved are given a voice on the Terra Council.
  • A colony must have at least 10,000 citizens in order to gain a vote on the Terra Council.
  • The Administrative Head of Colony is the head of government for the colony. They are chosen using a variety of methods between the colonies.
  • The colonial title of the AD-HoC varies from colony to colony but each is essentially the same in terms of power, and renown within their colony.
  • The Terra Council Members are chosen by popular vote in each colony, no AD-HoC can serve on the Terra Council.
  • The Terra Council President is elected by popular vote of the citizens of the Terra System Colonies, he as a voice on the Terra Council but can only vote on an issue if there is a tie.
  • The Terra Council President is currently Diane Rodham


  • The main mode of transportation between star systems is by starship with faster-than-light capabilities.
  • Travel between permanently inhabited star systems takes between 7 and 60 days.
  • Currently only a few colonies exist outside the Terra Prime System.
  • Most ships use an Induction Engine for interplanetary travel.


  • The economy is a stable mostly free-market system.
  • Radical changes in technology and society have made the issues of power, education, hunger, and poverty mostly a thing of the past.
  • The legal trade currency is the TecTare.
  • The TecTare is regulated by the Terra Commerce Guild.
  • The Currenct head of the Terra Commerce Guild is Jake Westerly


  • Outright war between colonies is rare but not unheard of.
  • The Terra Defense League is made up of members from almost every colony.
  • The TDL provides Police services for every planet, moon, asteroid, and orbital colony in the Terra System Colonies.
  • An AD-HoC or Planet Reps can call on the TDL for additional support if needed for planetary defense or other situations outside of normal control measures arise.
  • The current head of the TDL is Anderson Dean


  • The magic or psionic use by people is very rare. So rare the when overt occurrence happens it is quickly disavowed as magic and explained as a something else.
  • Magic and Psionic abilities are often referred to as occult science and are regarded by some to be a sham.
  • Scientists studying occult science agree that both abilities tap some form of alternate energy.
  • Use requires either an innate aptitude for the psionic abilities or training in the case of magic.

Campaign Setting

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