Terra Defense League

The Secretary General of the TDL is Anderson Dean
The TDL is an organization in charge of peacekeeping, defense, and research for the Terra System Colonies. They Report to the Terra Council. The TDL’s main command is located on TDL Space Base Prime (TDLB-OB01) in the Terra Prime system.
The TDL is broken up in to four Branches:

Peacekeeping: The mission of the peacekeeping branch is to maintain good order in the colonies. Every Colony is assigned a number of peacekeepers dependent on their population, but no less than three. Most corporations will have some form of private security that will work in concert with the local peacekeeping force when a crime happens.
Patrol: These peacekeepers are the first responders most crimes. They are the feet on the street keeping a look out for wrong doing.

  • PP-1 Patrol Officer
  • PP-2 Patrol Sargent

Detective: These peacekeepers are called to investigate and solve crimes.

  • PD-1 Detective
  • PD-2 Detective Sargent

Officers: These peacekeepers are responsible for the Detectives and patrol officers under their

  • PO-1 Lieutenant
  • PO-2 Captain
  • PO-3 Chief

Defense: The mission of the defense branch is to ensure that the colonies are not under threat of war from another colony, terrorism, or alien attack. They maintain the communication equipment for the TSC. Normally The Luxan falls under the jurisdiction of the defense branch however they have been assigned to D7 due to is unique capabilities. The defense branch is broken in to the following rank structure:
Crewman – These are the grunts that do most of the menial work on TDL ships.

  • DC-1 Crewman 3rd Class
  • DC-2 Crewman 2nd Class
  • DC-3 Crewman 1st Class

Specialists – These defense members have specialized in a particular field.

  • DS-1 Specialist 3rd Class
  • DS-2 Specialist 2nd Class
  • DS-3 Specialist 1st Class

Officers – These defense members are responsible for the ship and its crew.

  • DO-1: Ensign
  • DO-2: Jr. Lieutenant
  • DO-3: Lieutenant
  • DO-4: Lieutenant Commander
  • DO-5: Commander
  • DO-6: Captain
  • DO-7: Admiral

Research: The mission of the research branch is to explore new systems and worlds and assess their viability for human habitation, mining, or other uses. The TDL includes researchers from may fields of study.

Administration: This branch is in charge of all the paper work for the TDL. This branch is broken up in the following divisions.

  • AP-1 Jr. Clerk
  • AP-2 Clerk
  • AP-3 Senior Clerk
  • AP-4 Chief Clerk


  • AA-1 Jr. Accountant
  • AA-2 Accountant
  • AA-3 Senior Accountant
  • AA-4 Chief Accountant


  • AL-1 Junior Associate
  • AL-2 Associate
  • AL-3 Sr. Associate
  • AL-4 Chief Associate


  • AI-1 Agent
  • AI-2 Special Agent
  • AI-3 Sr. Special Agent
  • AI-4 Sr. Special Agent in Charge


  • AD-1 Department Head
  • AD-2 Director
  • AD-3 Division Secretary
  • AD-4 Secretary General

Department 7 is technically its own division.

Terra Defense League

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