Michael Armstong

An Egghead


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 150
Age: 18
Level: 3
EXP: 4710
Class: Smart (3)
Occupation: Transporter
STR 13(1); DEX 15(2); CON 14(2); INT 20(5); WIS 15(2); CHA 15(2)
HP: 22
Action Points: 17
Saves: Fort (3=1+2), Reflex (3=1+2), Will(4=2+2)
Defense: 17 =10+1+3+3+0
Base Attack: Melee (2=1+1+0), Ranged (3=1+2+0)
Feats: Focused, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Starship Operation, Spacer, Zero-G Training, Gearhead, armor proficiency: Light, powered(space combat suit),
Trained Skills: Computer Use(16=6+5+4+1), Craft (Chemical(9=1+5+3), Electronic(14=6+5+3), Mechanical(14=6+5+3), Pharmaceutical(9=1+5+3), Structural(9=1+5+3)), Decipher Script(7=1+5+1), Demolitions(7=1+5+1), Disable Device(12=6+5+1), Drive(3=1+2), Investigate(7=1+5+1), Knowledge (Arcane lore(14=6+5+3), Behavioral Science(9=1+5+3), Business(9=1+5+3), Current Events(9=1+5+3), Earth/life Science(9=1+5+3), Physical Science(9=1+5+3), Streetwise(9=1+5+3), Tactics(9=1+5+3), Technology(14=6+5+3), Theology/Philosophy(9=1+5+3)), Navigate(9=1+5+2+1), Pilot(12=6+4+2), Repair(12=6+5+2+1), Research(12=6+5+1), Search(7=1+5+1), Tumble (6=4+2)
Talents/Special Abilities: Savant (computer use), Plan, Mind Vision 30ft, Telekinesis, Allergies
Reputation: 4 +
Wealth Bonus: 8 +
Allegiances: D7; GSL;
Special Items: standard gear, Micro Data Arcive


From an early age he excelled at taking things apart. He can literally see the object in his head and with some effort take it apart with his mind. He was recruited by D7 because of this unique ability. Unfortunately due to the isolation of his upbringing on a small cargo freighter he does not tolerate new environments well.

Michael Armstong

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